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All new clients must have a behavioral evaluation before joining ANY of our classes or programs. 

For Pet dogs: We are now accepting all pets for training. All pets must complete an evaluation before enrollment.


For Service Dogs: Please submit your application and follow all the applicant steps. If you do NOT have a dog please DO NOT go buy one, if you DO HAVE a dog.... please submit the application and a trainer will contact you for an evaluation of you pet. It takes a very special dog to be a service dog. If you are aware of ANY behavior issues with your currently owned pet please let our trainers know before or during evaluation.

Our Services

Program Costs


Before you can join any program your dog is required to participate in an basic behavior evaluation.

Before we can provide ANY pricing estimations or quotes we need to meet with you and your dog. 


For Behavior Program Dogs: Cost and duration is determined by the severity of the issue. 

For Service Dog Applicants: Dogs must pass basic behavior and temperament tests.


My dog failed the evaluation tests... What now?

A trainer will contact you within 10 days of the evaluation to review training options. Many dogs may be able to progress and re-test after training... however even with training... there are many that are not suited for service work. Trainers will let you know if there are any issues. 


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