Raise A Service Puppy!

Raising a service puppy is a wonderful way to give back to the veterans that loyally served our country. It takes a lot of dedication and patience, as well as 2 classes a week with your little pup. Puppy raisers foster from 10 week to 6 months (or more) all raisers are required to have a background and home check prior to puppy placement. If you have the time, dedication to train, love, and heart to change a Veteran's life forever please. . . 

Our Program Dogs

We are proud to introduce our program dogs! These are our personal dogs, they are trained as service dogs, cancer detection dogs, and most are used at our school to assist in training. These dogs all live in our homes and are part of our families. They are not for sale, however we are expecting puppies Winter 2019.

Name: Oreo

Breed: Sheprador

Job: Multi Purpose Service Dog

Tasks: Mobility service tasks, Anxiety response tasks, Behavior Interruption, Seizure response, scent detection, cancer detection, Item retrieval. 

About: Oreo is our resident doggy Professor, she assists in the training of other dogs in our program and working as a service dog/cancer detection dog. This over achiever has assisted in the rehabilitation and training of dozens of dogs through the years. There is no task to complex and no job too big for this girl!

Name: Rebel

Breed: German Shepherd

Job: Cancer Detection Dog 

Tasks: Mobility Tasks, PTSD Tasking, Scent Detection, Cancer Detection

About: Rebel is our #1 Cancer detection dog, she is Ellie's older sister even though they look almost like twins. Rebel is fully trained as a PTSD service dog and is going to be expecting a litter of puppies this season. Congrats Rebel!! 

Name: Rowan

Breed: Dobi Hound

Job: Diabetes/Mobility Service Dog

Tasks: Counter Balance, Brace Support, Heart Rate Alert, Diabetic Detection Dog

About: Rowan the rescue dog is a great success story of zero to hero. Rowan was dumped at the pound unwanted and unloved with most of his nose burned. He was selected for our service program early this year and is now a fully trained mobility support dog looking for the right person to work for.  

Name: Doc

Breed: Berger Blanc Swiss Shepherd

Job: Mobility Service Dog

Tasks: Counter Balance, Brace Support, Item Retrieval, Scent Detection

About: Doc was born and bred for this job! He has excelled in sign language and is has a nose that knows when something is wrong in his humans blood chemistry. He is our assistant professor and is always ready to demo a behavior. He enjoys long walks in the woods, his bestie Ellie, and children of all ages. He is our most recent graduate! Congrats Doc! 

Name: Ellie

Breed: German Shepherd

Job: Cancer Detection Dog

Tasks: Counter Balance, Item Retrieval, Scent Detection, Cancer Detection

About: Ellie is our youngest program dog at only 1 year old she has excelled in her training and is following in her older sisters foot steps as an amazing service and cancer detection dog. Ellie will be expecting a litter in Fall of 2020.

Name: Baron

Breed: Red Bone Coon Hound

Job: Psychiatric Service Dog

Tasks: Deep Pressure Therapy, Anxiety Response, Find a Person, Find an Exit, Positional Blocking, Perimeter Check

About: Baron is our founding gentleman, rescued from a neglect situation he was trained to assist his human with a variety of Psychiatric Disabilities. He is retired now and living out his golden years as a very loved & very spoiled pet with his human.


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