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  • Do you work with fearful or shy dogs?
    Yes, our trainers specalized in helping shy and fearful dogs come out of their shell and become happy healthy dogs. When you have a fearful dog life can be challenging you both you and them. We strive to get to the root of the problem with fear free positive reinforcment methods and situational structure. Many dogs who display fearful or shy behaviors have had a past trama or have been under socialized. Some factors that can cause these behaviors include: Abuse by a previous owner, Close call "car fear", under socialization, attacks from other dogs, injury (any cause), over stimulation, emmerstion, corrective training, improper use of training tools, or accidental negitive stimuli.
  • Do you offer financing?
    We do not, however we are able to make payment arrangements and payment plans depending on the services required. Some additional fees do apply. Veterans, first responders, health care providers, and teachers are elligable for a small discount.
  • How old does my dog need to be?
    We work with dogs of any age, but there are a few rules.... Service Dogs: 3 weeks* to 6yr. • Pets: All ages •Puppies 8 to 16 weeks - Pups who have not completed their "puppy shots" are only allowed in the Puppy Preschool. We maintain a rigorouse Veterinarian grade cleaning protocol to ensure your baby's safety while in our classes in additional to a strict requirement for vaccinations on all dogs before they enter the building. •Puppies 16+ weeks to 6mo - Once your pup is all vaccinated and ready to explor the world they may enroll in a variety of classes. Check with your trainer for details. •Juvinile Dogs 6mo to 1yr - Typically dogs in this age range will be ready for more advanced training or will be in need of behavior modification for undesirable traits picked up in puppyhodd. Evaluations are required for all young dogs over 6moths to ensure they are placed in the right program. •Young Dogs 1yr to 6yrs - You pet has really grown into who they are at this point. Evaluations are required to ensure the best fit. At this age dogs are still elligble to join the service dog program. •Mature Dogs 6yrs to 10yrs - The majority of dogs we see in this age range are in need of behavior modification or are a new addition to your family. Despite what the saying say old dogs can learn new tricks and it is never too late to start building a bond and stable way to communicate. •Elderly Dogs 10+ years - Dogs of this age must be seen by a vet before enroling in any class to ensure they are healthy enough to participate. We offer "Bingo Hour" for older dogs to socialize with volunteers and get extra loving, slow walks throught the park, and a variety of other relaxing/safe activities to keep your older dog excited about life. •*Service Dog Prospects* 3 weeks to 8 weeks - If you are purchasing a puppy from a breeder our trainers are able to help you start the selection of a pup as soon as they reach 3 weeks old. Breeders must agree to work with trainer to run the aptitude tests we provide. Testing is done at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks. If you have a dog older than 6yr that you would like to use as a service dog in training please discuss this with your trainer. All dogs are different. Temperment evaluation from our trainers and health clearance from a vet are required.
  • Do you work with aggressive dogs?
    Yes, we work with both people and dog vs dog aggression issues. Many dogs who are acting out can appear aggressive/dangerous when they display certain behaviors. These behaviors (barking, lunging, air snaps, growling, etc) are commonly labeled with this term when in fact they are not "true aggression". Schedule an evaluation to meet with a trainer or call for information. •If your dog has been deemed a dangerous dog by the city, has killed another dog/animal, or has been trained as a bite work/protection dog and you are in need of assistance please call ASAP..•
  • My dogs don't get along with eachother, Can you help?"
    Yes, we offer in home privtae sessions to get to the root of the problem and help you find a solution for the issues.
  • Do you train attack or protection dogs?
    No. If you are looking for this type of dog we are happy to refer you to a reputable trainer.
  • Do you train dogs for herding, ratting, or agility?"
    No, we suggest contacting the local clubs for dog sports to get the best results.
  • Do you train service dogs, emotional support dogs, or therapy dogs?"
    Yes! We specialize in Service Dogs and task trained emotional support dogs. These skills can be transfered to use in therapy work, but we do not certify or partner with hospitals with a therapy program. Service Dog: Specially trained to help ONE person with a disability. Have full public access. ESA: No public access. These dogs provide at home help and emotional supoort only. Therapy Dog: Trained to help MANY people in a program designed for therapy work. Every dog is different, so we like to meet you and your dog first to make sure it is a good fit for the program.
  • Do you train dogs for scentwork or detection?
    Yes, we train many types of scent work dogs including but not limited to: Allergen, Nightmare, Anxiety, Gluten, Diabeties, Cortesol, and cancer detection dogs. We do train sport scentwork and field work, but spaces are very limited. We DO NOT train narcotics, search and rescue, or bomb detection dogs.
  • I have/don't have a dog and need a service dog. What next?
    If you have a dog: If you would like your pet to train as your service dog please fill out all the application documents and wait for a trainer to schedule you and your pup for an evaluation. Please be aware that some dogs are not suited for service work. You should have all vaccination records ready before evaulation dates. All dogs must be fully vaccinated. If you do NOT have a dog: Please contact us for assistance in selecting the right dog for you and your needs. We respectfully ask that you refraine from adopting or purchasing dogs without our trainers evauation. While many shelter, resuce, and breeder dogs are great as pets it takes a special dog to do the work required of a service dog. If you adopt/buy a dog that does not suit your needs or fails the required tests you may not use that dog.

Some questions we hear often.

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