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Requirements & Restrictions

Each program has specific requirements, laws, and restrictions. Many dogs are simply not cut out for this level or work. While we are 100% happy to work with any breed of dog and any situation, there are program and local/federal laws for service dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs that we abide by. 



       ​FOR DOGS:

  • Clear heath check

  • Age 8 weeks to 9 years old

  • Fully Vaccinated - Parvo and Rabies (unless puppy)

  • Housebroken (unless puppy)

  • Task specific requirements vary from person to person

  • Pass our behavior and temperament entrance exams. *This is not a skills/obedience test, no prior training needed*


  • Must be able to care for a dog independently ( food, vetting, treats, exercise, restroom, and general handling) *Unless a secondary handler is assisting in these activities*

  • 1 Emergency contact is required. Must be willing and available to care for your dog in case of emergency. 

  • *Children Under 10 - Parent/Guardian functions as the primary handler and is required to be at ALL training sessions. 

  • Reliable transportation to classes. 


       ​FOR DOGS:

  • No history of bites or dangerous dog reports

  • No "wild" hybrid-dogs (wolfdog, coyodog) also known as Dog crossed with a Non-Dog Mix

  • No critical/terminal health conditions (eye/hip/elbow degeneration / dysplasia, missing limbs, thyroid, diabetes, cancer, etc.)

  • Dogs that do not pass our selected entrance criteria.*Behavior and temperament, not obedience*


No dogs in the home with major behavior issues. (Training for existing pets is offered) 

No history or animal abuse.

Must abide by policies and training standards.

You MUST have a disability 

to participate in our service dog program. 

Other programs are available for ESA/Pet training. 

These lists may not include all restrictions or requirements needed for acceptance into our programs. Each program and client has specialized needs, to best serve our clients we request that you complete your application and schedule your evaluation if you have further questions. Trainers and staff are not able to answer questions about acceptance policies or cost without completed documents and dog assessments. 

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