Our staff is our family! We are a locally owned family business that have been training specialty dogs for over a decade. We are dedicated to serving our men and women of the armed forces as well as the disabled adults and children of New Mexico.


We specialize in positive reinforcement and force free training with real life scenarios. 


We work with all temperaments, ages, and breeds of dogs.

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The Academy of Canine Excellence


If you or a loved one is in need of a service animal to improve your life, look no farther. We train all kinds of dogs to assist disabled individuals live a normal life. To name just a few: Seizure response dogs, diabetic detection dogs, anxiety response dogs, PTSD dogs, mobility dogs, light mobility dogs, Autistic dogs, Gluten detection dogs, and dogs specialized in assisting with depression. Click HERE to fill out our service dog application. Have questions? Call 505-274-5048 to get more information about our program, the costs, and training time associated. 

Want to give back? Please make a donation to Service Dogs of New Mexico our partnering organization! 

Raise A Service Puppy!

Raising a service puppy is a wonderful way to give back to the veterans that loyally served our country. It takes a lot of dedication and patience, as well as 2 classes a week with your little pup. Puppy raisers foster from 10 week to 6 months (or more) all raisers are required to have a background and home check prior to puppy placement. If you have the time, dedication to train, love, and heart to change a Veteran's life forever please. . . 


This course is a monthly service fee that includes 8 private lessons and 4 group classes. The program is designed to help service dog teams reach their full potential in ...
Service Dog Monthly Training Package
Started May 4, 2019
Prices Vary
This yearly membership is designed for our service dog graduates to continue their training after completion of the service dog program. Keep all your skills up to date a...
Service Dog Graduate Membership
Started Jan 6
Meet with a trainer and determine the best class to enroll in. This is required before enrolling in some of our courses and for all service dog teams. **The cost of eval...
Behavior Evaluation
30 min
Does your dog habitually lunge, bark or growl at external stimuli? Many dogs and their people find themselves in a place where they lack the experience to handle what is ...
Reactivity Course
Started Sep 6, 2019


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