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Our staff is our family! We are a locally owned family business that has been training service and specialty dogs for over a decade here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We pride ourselves in maintaining the most current certifications and effective training techniques available. 


We specialize in positive reinforcement, and promote balanced lifestyle training with a focus on real life scenarios. 


We work with all temperaments, ages, and breeds of dogs. * Some restrictions apply*

Schedule your evaluation HERE! 

The Academy of Canine Excellence


If you or a loved one is in need of a service animal to improve your life, look no farther. We train a wide variety of dogs to assist disabled individuals live a more accessible life. We specialize in: diabetic detection dogs, anxiety response and alert dogs, PTSD dogs, mobility dogs, light mobility dogs, Autistic dogs, Gluten and allergy detection dogs, and dogs that specialize in assisting with depression or other psychiatric conditions.  Click HERE to fill out our service dog application. Have questions? Call 505-274-5048 to get more information about our program, the costs, and training time associated. 

Want to give back? Please make a donation to Service Dogs of New Mexico our partnering organization! 

For information on the application process, what to expect, program specifics, check your application status, and to download or submit applications...
Already have a dog you want to train?, Need to apply?, Make reservations for service puppies from our breeding program or apply to be a raiser...


We are now accepting pet dogs, behavior modification cases, and puppy preschool bookings.

We have limited space for the pet programs. 

We are always accepting new applications for Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs.

We have many different classes and packages available for Pet dogs looking for Training classes of any level, help with behavior issues, puppy classes for non-service puppies, AKC Evaluations or specialty training services. Not all classes are listed, please call for more info. 

This package is a yearly membership open to enrollment for our program graduates to continue to sharped their skills with their graduated service dog. This package includ...
Service Dog Graduate Package
1 hr
This course is a monthly service that includes both private lessons and group classes. The program is designed to help service dog teams reach their full potential in any...
Service Dog Training
1 hr
Call for pricing
Meet with a trainer and determine the best class to enroll in. This is required before enrolling in some of our courses and for all service dog teams. Confirmation of yo...
Service Dog Evaluation
30 min
This class is designed for young puppies to gain confidence in new situations and to socialize with other people, children, and puppies. Learning to share toys, treats, a...
Puppy Preschool
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